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Affordable Gold Coast Garage Doors 

Affordable Garage Doors
Affordable Garage Doors

Affordable Garage Doors are designed not just to protect your home, vehicles and other accessories but also to add value and appeal to your home. It also helps you save money as most garage doors create a more energy-efficient space. Thus, reducing your heating and cooling costs. is a family-owned company that has been providing high-quality, functional, and durable garage doors in Gold Coast for many years. We offer top of the line residential garage doors. Affordable makes sure that your garage doors will complement your house exterior design.

About the Owners

Mark and Alyson Morrison, the couple responsible for putting up the business. is a family-owned company that started in 2000 and has continued to provide quality and impressive garage doors and gates for 20 years.

They are experts on providing customized garage doors that will surely fit with your house exterior and lifestyle. To maintain their status in the industry, they make sure that only the best parts and Colourbond metals are used in making their garage gates. Also, you can be assured that the installation of your automated or manual garage doors is done with care to give their customer peace of mind.

Mark and Alyson divide the tasks equally to make sure there is nothing they left behind. The couple is aware that customer service is an essential part of every company. So, they work hard to provide only the best and most efficient customer service. Also, they have the best staff in town. And to keep them working with them, they are treating them the way they want to be treated.

The best thing about the Morrison couple is that they understand what their clients need. As a result, they provide the right product at the right price.

Location is located at 3/10 John Duncan Court Varsity Lakes Queensland in Gold Coast. The city is not just the location of the best garage door companies but also the site for the best beaches. We are referring to Burleigh Heads beach where most swimmers and surfers love.

Burleigh is known as the longest-running board riders club in the city where the legendary Burleigh barrel can be seen. The said barrel was used in the 1977 Stubbies Surf Competition.

So, if you happen to visit the place to check out the Burleigh Heads, pass by our office at Duncan Court Varsity which is just the other side of the main road if you need some quality and unique garage doors.

Our Products garage doors and gates are one of the best in the Gold Coast. Below are the list of our products and some facts about them. If you want to know more, you can click the specific type of garage door you are interested in.

Affordable Gold Coast Commercial Garage Doors

We assure our clients that they will get not just an attractive garage door for their commercial establishment. But also, a very durable one that can survive the extreme weather and everyday use. Our commercial garage doors operate quietly and smoothly with its heavy-duty system. Click Affordable Gold Coast Commercial Garage Doors to check out our designs.

Affordable Gold Coast Custom Garage Doors

If you prefer a customized garage door that will complement your house's exterior design, we are the company you can trust. Our experienced and certified personnel will work together with you to make sure all your requirements are met. Check out the designs Affordable Gold Coast Custom Garage Doors.

Affordable Gold Coast Roll a Doors

For homeowners who want to get rid of their old panel garage door, our roll-a-door garage good is a good option. It is easy to handle, versatile, and quite durable. The roll-a-door operates smoothly and is made of premium-quality materials. Our roll a door garage door provides better security and you get to choose from a wide selection of colours and finishes. Choose from the many designs Affordable Gold Coast Roll a Doors.

Affordable Gold Coast Sectional Doors

Affordable sectional garage doors are durable, unique, and are very affordable. The doors are being operated with the use of a track system that allows the door to open vertically. It moves on a track system that is installed across the ceiling. You can choose from the various colours we offer that will fit your house exterior design. Increase the value of your home with our sectional garage doors. Click Affordable Gold Coast Sectional Doors for more to choose.

Affordable Gold Coast Timber Doors

Looking for a garage door that is not just attractive but versatile as well? Our timber garage door could be the one you are looking for. We offer expertly designed timber door that will fit your garage perfectly. Our garage door styles and finishes will surely take your breath away. So, if you want a natural-looking gateway to check out our designs Affordable Gold Coast Timber Doors.

Affordable Gold Coast Tilt a Doors

Affordable Garage Doors
Affordable Garage Doors

If your garage is not that and you require a door that will fit an entryway with limited height, we recommend our tilt a door. There are various frames that you can choose from depending on your specifications and budget. Take a look at our tilt door designs Affordable Gold Coast Tilt a Doors.

Affordable Acrylic Garage Doors

Our Acrylic garage doors will not just enhance the look of your garage but it will keep your family and valuables safe and protected. These doors will give your house a stylish and trendy design. You can save a lot on electricity as the door lets a sufficient amount of light get through. Also, it can keep the area cool during summer days. Choose from the various colour combinations available Affordable Acrylic Garage Doors.

Affordable Batten Style Garage Doors

We have a wide selection of various types of batten garage doors. There is one that will suit your house. You can request for a customized batten garage door if you have a specific design in mind. Our batten garage doors are made from aluminium mesh, glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate. We have a long list of batten garage doors that you can choose from. Check out Affordable Batten Style Garage Doors for some of our designs.

Affordable Louver Style Garage Doors

The louver style garage door allows natural light to pass through sectional garage doors. Also, a high level of airflow can get into the area to keep it insulated. Our louver garage doors are quite durable and classy with a conventional look. The design of our gates will surely stand out in your neighbourhood. Your privacy will not be compromised as we make sure that the area is well-protected. To check out our louvre style garage doors, click Affordable Louver Style Garage Doors.

Affordable Panel Garage Doors

This is the recommended option if you want to make a great impact on your garage doors. We offer a wide selection of design that will enhance not just your garage but your entire house as well. We offer a sectional panel that will surely complement your house exterior design. You can choose and decide which one will blend perfectly to your outdoor décor. Know more about our panel garage doors Affordable Panel Garage Doors.

Affordable Garage Door Remotes

The automatic garage door is getting popular these days because of its convenience. You can open and close the garage door remotely and just by clicking the remote. The only drawback is when the control panel malfunctions in the middle of the night and there is no one to help you. Our team has the expertise to install an automatic garage door. They make sure that everything is working perfectly. Affordable team of experts are updated with the latest technology when it comes to the opener remote systems. Visit our garage door remotes Affordable Garage Door Remotes.

Affordable Timbertone Garage Doors

Timbertone is a popular colour applied in most of the garage doors, house cladding, gates, and others. We use this to provide a lovely finish and mimic the grains as well as the textures of real timber.  If you are in search of high-quality, attractive, and affordable garage doors, you can trust our company. For more of our timbertone garage doors Affordable Timbertone Garage Doors.

Affordable Timbertone Slat Garage doors

Our timbertone slat garage doors are best for those who choose to have an open slated styled garage door. This type of garage door can provide enough ventilation in the air. The air can air circulate well in the garage. You can choose either a horizontal or vertical arrangement of slats. The consumers can decide on the slat widths, materials, and spaces between slats. If you want to check out our slat garage door designs click Affordable Timbertone Slat Garage doors.

Affordable Colourbond Colours for Garage Doors

Our garage doors are available in exciting and attractive colours that will stand out in your neighbourhood. We have a wide selection of classic Colorbond garage doors to complement the house exterior design and your personality. Pick from the five great designs and decide the colour that is best for your home. There are lots of colours that you can choose starting from traditional timber like colour to a more striking colour. Learn more about Colourbond Affordable Colourbond Colours for Garage Doors.

Give your garage a unique look with garage doors. We offer all the tools, supplies, as well as accessories to install a great looking garage door. Choose the right door from our various residential garage doors. At, you will find a wide range of door sizes, designs, and colours with amazing features. With us we will not just add value to your home, our main concern is your protection and safety.

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