Merlin CM844 Garage Door Merlin Remote Control

Merlin CM844 Garage Door Merlin Remote Control

Suits Garage Door Openers manufactured between 2001-2009.

4 channel keyring remote 433.92Mhz AM

  • compatible with
  • MR600
  • MR800
  • MT5580
  • MT60
  • MT600
  • MT1000

M-844 keyring 4-button remote control
(to open up to four doors or gates)
• Uses high security code hopping technology.
• Only suits openers from 1999 if they are fitted with Merlin’s code hopping receiver.
• Incompatible with all earlier models, unless add-on rolling code receiver and adapter loom is fitted.
• Replaces remotes with the same colour buttons.
• Suits gate openers fitted with Merlin M-530 or M-532 code hopping receiver cards.
To fit or replace the batteries, use a coin to unscrew the cover on the rear of the remote. Insert the batteries with their writing facing up towards you.
To program this remote into the memory of your opener, locate the 'learn' button on the opener or receiver. Press the 'learn' button for more than one second then press the required button on the remote for one second. Press the remote button again to confirm. On the next press of that button, the door opener should operate. Repeat the process if required.

To reduce risk of personal injury by the door or gate:
1. Only wall-mount the remote control above 1.5 m from the floor.
2. Only wall-mount the remote control in sight of the door or gate.
3. Supervise every operation of the door or gate.
4. Do not allow children to play with the door or gate controls.
To reduce risk of unauthorised access to your home or garage remove the remote control from your car when the car is unattended.
To attach to a wall or other flat surface use any suitable flat head screw through the hole in the wall mounting plate. The rear of the remote control clips into the wall mounting plate.

  • author: Affordable Garage Doors