Garage Door Repairs and Servicing
Garage Door Repairs and Servicing

Affordable Garage Door Repairs

No matter how much we maintain our garage doors, there would come in a time where it’s door mechanism will wear. This could lead to failure of the door, springs, track, as well as other openers hardware. It does not matter what causes the garage door malfunctioning it can affect the performance of your garage door seriously and can compromise your home security.

We at can help you deal with your garage door repair and replacement. Among the garage door repairs in Gold Coast, Affordable offers high-quality services at affordable prices.

For the garage door or opener, our repair team will provide fast and quick repairs. We can do the replacement of rollers, hinges, weather seals, broken springs, sensors, and cables. Adjustment of door springs and tracks is also our expertise.

Repairs & Services

The following are the repairs and other services are offering:

  • Tracks Maintenance Roller Doors – Our technician will clean the internal parts of the track using quality cleaner like Turps or degreaser or similar. We make sure all the dirt that affects the track performance is removed. Using grease or oil is NOT recommended on roller door tracks. If you will do it on your own, we suggest that you use Mr. Sheen as it works well as a cleaner also.
  • Steel Hinge Maintenance – Stainless steel is a high-quality material but just like any material it requires regular maintenance. In lubricating the steel hinges, use a small amount of motor oil or grease. These products are nice and thick and can stick to the hinges. You can also use them to lubricate the wheel to axle bearings. However, if you cannot handle the task Affordable can do it for you regularly.
  • Spring Maintenance – in maintaining the spring, you can use motor oil and then grease. You should check on the other parts connected to the spring as you go along. But if you do not have the skills and experience on doing the spring maintenance it is best to hire a qualified Affordable garage door technician. One wrong move could result in damage and may cost you a lot.
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