Merlin M800 – 40.685 Mhz Garage Door Remote Control

Order M800 for compatible remote control.

M230T (Prolift)
M430R (Prolift)
M800 (Blue Remote)
Please Note: Not compatible with Green Merlin Remotes or Merlin+ or Merlin+ 2.0 models or motors post July 2001

Dimensions: 3.5cm x 6.5cm x 1.5cm
Battery: 23A 12V
LED Indicator
Slim Design
Compact Pocket Size
Controls up to 1 door

M800 Instructions
1. Unscrew the small screw at the back of the new remote and remove the small tab from the battery.
2. Open your original remote (if you do not have one, please remove the tab at the back of your motor which is labelled ‘code dip switches’ or remove the light cover of the motor to find the switches.
3. Change the switches of the new remote to match either your old remote or your motor.
4. Close the remote and test.

author: Affordable Garage Doors Gold Coast